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Stuttering Support Groups

By: Catherine Coughlan, M.A., CCC-SLP In addition to speech and language services, there are a variety of stuttering support groups that can benefit children, teens, and adults who stutter. Participation in stuttering support groups is one of the best ways to grow in a supportive community of people who “get […]

National Stuttering Awareness Q& A Week 2018

My pediatrician said my child’s stuttering is “normal” and he will outgrow it. Is this true? I’ve noticed an increase in my child’s stuttering. Why the change and what can I do to help? Why is my child refusing to practice speech/stuttering management strategies for homework? Would it help my […]

For Teachers

For Teachers

Stuttering is a fluency disorder that is defined as a disruption in the forward flow of speech. It is commonly characterized by repetitions (ex. ba-ba-baseball), sound prolongations (ex. mmmommy), or blocks (i.e. no sound). Disfluencies may also be accompanied by negative thoughts and feelings about stuttering, avoidance of sounds, words […]

National Stuttering Awareness Week 2015

In 1988 Ronald Reagan declared the 2nd week of May as National Stuttering Awareness Week (NSAW)- a week dedicated to educating our communities about stuttering and its impact on peoples’ lives. Members of the National Stuttering Association (NSA) played a huge role in establishing this week so what better way […]