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FRIENDS One Day Workshop in DC

Very excited to be helping to facilitate a FRIENDS workshop on March 28, 2015 in Washington, D.C. There will be sessions for children, teens, siblings, parents and speech-language pathologists . You can learn more about this wonderful organization by visiting their website at

A Letter To My Younger Self

A Letter To My Younger Self

If you had a chance to go back in time, would you do things differently? Is there advice you might give your younger self, knowing what you know now? Why not put it in writing? Simon Walsh, a person who stutters and the host of the blog “Diary of a […]

Is this stuttering?

I have been getting a lot of questions from SLPs and parents that all seem to center around the question “Is this stuttering” or “Does this warrant speech services?” Question:I am a school based SLP. I just screened a 7 year old girl. Her teacher was concerned that she might […]

Avoiding Avoidance I was interviewing for assistant positions at our summer speech and language camp when I first met Ben Goldstein. Ben is a graduate of the University of Maryland and was in the midst of taking his pre-requisite courses in order to apply for graduate school to become a speech […]

411 on Preparatory Sets (Prep Sets)

Much like, cancellations and pull-outs, a prep set is a speech tool I use with clients as they gain the ability to monitor their speech. Prep sets help a person who stutters (PWS) make changes to their speech so that their speech can be more forward-moving and so that they […]

Spotlight on Friends Stuttering Group

Samantha Schulte, Wendy Batten-Morey, Eve Dutkiewicz In my time working in a private practice, I have had parent after parent come to me utterly frustrated with the lack of speech services being provided by their school district. Too often these concerned parents are being told that their child does not […]

Measuring Up

In order to see progress, you must know know what you’re looking for. Seems like a pretty obvious statement, but having a skewed vision of progress or success is the reason why so many people who stutter (PWS) report either jumping from therapist to therapist or quitting therapy altogether. It […]