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Diversity Initiative

National Therapy Center is proud to support and address racial inequality and social injustices. As part of this effort, we are proud to have produced this video, starring Mallory Lewis with Lambchop and Brian Cummings, to help children better understand diversity. Stay tuned for future additional resources and videos we are committed to producing to help foster an environment that encourages and supports diversity.



The following media publications are written by or include contributions from National Speech clinicians:


Distinguishing Cluttering from Stuttering

By Brooke Leiman-Edwards


Pick the Right Code for Pediatric Dysphagia

(The ASHA Leader)

The Not So Hungry Caterpillar: Supporting Families' Feeding Issues in Early Intervention

By April Anderson

Tackling the Tube: What Parents Want Feeding Pros to Know

By April Anderson

More than a Picky Eater: How to Really Know

By April Anderson


At Campaign Stop in Bethesda, Jealous Discusses Stuttering with Students

(Bethesda Magazine)

Jealous Opens Up about his Stuttering

(Maryland Matters)

The Blame Game

By Brooke Leiman-Edwards

When is Treatment for Stuttering “Completed”

By Brooke Leiman-Edwards

Avoidance Reduction Therapy: A Success Story

By Brooke Leiman-Edwards

How to Clear Four Common Roadblocks to Coverage of Stuttering Treatment

By Brooke Leiman-Edwards

Back to School: Self-Advocacy Tips for Students Who Stutter

By Alex Whelan


Gubernatorial Candidate in Bethesda

Ben Jealous holds round table talk at NTC (

Ben Jealous Discusses Personal Struggles With Communication Disorder


Ben Jealous Facebook Live Event


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