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Speech Screenings

By: Dana Fensterman, MA, CCC-SLP Do you have questions regarding your child’s speech/language skills, but don’t know what to do next? A screening might be the perfect place to start. A speech/language screening is an SLP’s brief first glimpse of a child’s speech and language skills. It is used to […]

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Referral

Could my child benefit from Occupational Therapy? Occupational Therapists support children experiencing challenges that interfere with their ability to safely and successfully partake in daily activities at home, school, or in the community. These activities may include: -Adaptive skills such as dressing, bathing, eating or feeding themselves -Getting to sleep […]

Voice & Feeding Specialty Track

Our feeding and voice services are geared towards empowering your child and family. Are mealtimes stressful? Are you worried that your child isn’t eating diverse foods? Are you worried about your child’s voice quality? If you answered yes to any question above, we are here to assist you.  Here at […]

What’s the Difference? Being different is AMAZING

What’s the Difference? Being different is AMAZING

National Therapy Center is proud to support and address racial inequality and social injustices. As part of this effort, we are proud to have produced this video, starring Mallory Lewis with Lambchop and Brian Cummings, to help children better understand diversity. Please enjoy and feel free to share it! Sabra […]