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Speech Screenings

By: Dana Fensterman, MA, CCC-SLP Do you have questions regarding your child’s speech/language skills, but don’t know what to do next? A screening might be the perfect place to start. A speech/language screening is an SLP’s brief first glimpse of a child’s speech and language skills. It is used to...

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What’s the Difference? Being different is AMAZING

National Therapy Center is proud to support and address racial inequality and social injustices. As part of this effort, we are proud to have produced this video, starring Mallory Lewis with Lambchop and Brian Cummings, to help children better understand diversity. Please enjoy and feel free to share it! Sabra...

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Qualifying for Social Security Disability with a Speech Disorder

If your child has a severe speech disorder, your family may be eligible for financial resources. The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers monthly benefits for people of all ages who cannot work (or in your child’s case, participate in typical childhood activities) due to a disability. Children applying for benefits...

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Language Stimulation Strategies for Little Ones

Wondering what you can do to help your little one expand his or her language? Here are some tips and tricks to help get your toddler talking. Narrating daily routines: Some days there simply isn’t time to play. Narrating daily routines is a simple way to add language to the...

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To Evaluate or Not To Evaluate

You feel that your daughter should be speaking in longer sentences. Your son’s teacher sent home a note telling you that she’s concerned about his listening skills. Your sister can’t understand your daughter talking on the phone. Should you get your child evaluated?? Here are some actions to consider when...

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What Is(n’t) Speech Therapy?

When I mention my career in conversation, the next question that often comes up is something along the lines of “What do speech therapists do?” I must admit that I often have a hard time expressing the gist of my job in just a few words. Some people guess that...

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