Recently I discovered Tiny Tastes, an amazing app ($1.99 on the app store). It’s a very colorful and animated app, and tells the story of a kangaroo named Tiny who ventures out of her house for the first time. During the story, the user helps Tiny meet new friends and explore new places. At the end of the story, Tiny has worked up an appetite and asks the user to share some of their food with them. This is where the fun begins. The app allows you to take a picture of the child’s food or drink, and Tiny will eat the same thing right along with them. The amount of time allotted is set with a timer, and throughout the meal, Tiny’s food slowly disappears. She also makes chewing noises and comments such as, “mmm” and “This is good.” At the end of the meal, the adult can decide if the child ate enough to earn coins to go to the shop to purchase materials for mealtime or for the story.

Why is this a good app for a picky eater?

If you are looking for ways to extend mealtime or are hoping to have your child try new foods, give Tiny Tastes a try! I’d love to hear how you used it in your household! For more information on this app, visit Tiny’s website.