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Therapists in our Stuttering Clinic go through rigorous and ongoing training so that they are well equipped to support your child and family. Therapy focuses on helping children become confident and effective communicators. We utilize a variety of evidence-based approaches to craft an individualized treatment plan that targets your child’s specific needs and your family’s priorities.


Common challenges related to stuttering that a child may experience:

-class participation

-stress around social events

-difficulty making and maintaining friendships

-stress, anxiety, and frustration around speaking

-tires easily from speaking

-struggling to get their message out


Stuttering can be hard. We can help.

Our Process:

Step 1. Call or email our scheduling team at 240.270.5529 or

Let them know if your concerns are stuttering related so that they can direct you to one of our speech language pathologists whose primary focus area is stuttering (A member of our stuttering team?). They will collect background information (including insurance) and connect you with the clinical lead.

Step 2. Schedule an evaluation.

This can be done on site or online through our HIPAA protected, video conferencing system. We have found that for children who stutter, our teletherapy services are as good or better as on site. The therapist will recommend either on-site or tele therapy services.

Step 3. Schedule services.

  • The first session typically involves parent participation. This allows parents an opportunity to discuss the assessment, ask questions specific to their child, and collaborate on developing the treatment plan.
  • For many children under the age of 7, we recommend our 6-8 week parent coaching program which will include individual programming for your child.
  • For school-aged children and beyond, therapy duration is highly variable depending on your child and your family.

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