Birth to 3 Months - National Therapy Center

Expressive Language

  • Makes cooing sounds
  • Cries in different ways for different needs
  • Smiles at people
  • Produces a variety of vowel sounds

Receptive Language

  • Startles at loud noises
  • Quiets and smiles when speaker talks
  • Seems to recognize familiar voices and quiets when crying

Social Communication and Pragmatics

  • Calms when held

Regulatory/Sensory Organization

  • Listens to a voice
  • Visually tracks a toy left and right while lying on back
  • Can focus on a face or large object several feet away (follows a moving object or person)
  • Uses hands and mouth for sensory exploration of objects

Fine Motor

  • Demonstrates palmar grasp reflex present from birth (clenches an object when pressure or touch is applied on the palm)
  • Uses a variety of palmer grasp patterns
  • Hand to mouth pattern develops

Gross Motor

  • Develops partial midline control: head in midline, hands to midline at 3 months
  • Controls head in various positions at 3 months
  • Lifts head in prone position at 3 months
  • Props up on forearms while in prone position at 3 months