7 Months to 1 Year - National Therapy Center

Expressive Language

  • Babbles long strings of sounds, like mimi upup babababa
  • Uses sounds and gestures to get and keep attention
  • Points to objects and shows them to others
  • Uses gestures like waving bye, reaching for “up,” and shaking head no
  • Imitates different speech sounds
  • Says 1 or 2 words, like hi, dog, dada, mama, or uh-oh. This will happen around first birthday, but sounds may not be clear

Receptive Language

  • Looks in the direction caregiver points
  • Starts to respond/understand simple phrases such as “come here”/”want more”/”no”
  • Responds when name is called
  • Listens to songs and stories for a short time
  • Plays anticipation games like peek-a-boo
  • Shows understanding for common items and people- cup, milk, mommy and daddy

Social Communication and Pragmatics

  • Is shy around strangers
  • Shows a variety of facial expressions (happy, angry, sad, surprised)
  • Looks in response to name
  • Responds when caregiver leaves by raising arms or crying
  • Smiles or laughs during peek-a-boo

Regulatory/Sensory Organization

  • Sensory motor play evolves into functional play
  • Enjoys being held in air and moving fast
  • Observes environment from a variety of positions (back, tummy, sitting, crawling, standing)
  • Focuses between objects near and far away
  • Mouths toys

Fine Motor

  • Holds onto objects for a longer periods of time
  • Uses raking grasp to move objects
  • Finger feeds self
  • Plays with hands at midline
    • Transfers objects from one hand to other
    • Bangs objects together to make noise
  • Squeezes objects
  • Points with index finger
  • Can voluntarily release objects by 9 months
  • Pincer grasp develops by 12 months

Gross Motor

  • Sits independently
  • Transitions from sit to prone position (laying on belly)
  • Transitions from belly or quadruped (crawling position) to sitting by 10 months
  • Pulls to stand between 8 and 10 months
  • Creeping/Crawling begins
  • Stands independently
  • Cruises (walks while holding onto furniture)
  • Walks with hand held (12 months)