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The 411 on Cancellations

This is a speech tool I use with clients as they begin to gain the ability to monitor their own speech. Every child reaches this point at a different time, but I find that this often begins to happen around 7-8 years of age. Instead of modifying every phrase/sentence (as […]

The 411 on Easy Speech

Easy Speech (aka Turtle Talk or Stretching) is a technique I use with pre-school and early elementary children who do not yet have the awareness or control to use techniques specifically on disfluent words. Easy Speech can be shaped into more advanced techniques such as a cancellation or pull-outs.WHAT IS […]

Making Peace with the Phone

Making Peace with the Phone

Whether or not you are a person who stutters, making and receiving telephone calls can be a source of anxiety. Whoever invented text messages definitely had people who stutter in mind. However, has text messages and social media sites helped us communicate more effortlessly, or have they created a way […]

So You Think You Can… Advertise?

One of the highly dreaded, yet very rewarding, activities that I do with some of my clients is “advertising.”  Of course every student (and parent) begins speech therapy in hopes of reducing the frequency and severity of stuttering.  However, equally as important in any PWS (person who stutters) treatment plan […]