What is AAC and how do I know if my child needs this?
AAC stands for Alternative or Augmentative Communication. AAC can include anything from pointing to pictures to using a high tech device to communicate but the main purpose is to help someone express themselves when they are unable to do so verbally. AAC is appropriate for any child at any age who has difficulty verbally communicating and/or being understood by others. Our vision is to help every individual find a communication system that allows them to communicate effectively and efficiently across environments. 
Our AAC therapists are knowledgeable and passionate about AAC. Our therapists provide individualized evaluations, treatments, and programming of devices. In addition to evaluations and individual therapy, the AAC therapists provide AAC device trials, funding guidance for AAC systems, and prescription of devices. 

For more information, contact our AAC lead SLP Samantha Crooks for more information: samantha.crooks@nationaltherapycenter.com