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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Day Program – Now Accepting Applicants for Spring 2023!

Intensive therapy, tailored for individuals aged 2-5 years old with autism spectrum disorder

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National Therapy Center’s new Applied Behavior Analysis Day Program combines scientifically validated ABA best practices within a beautiful clinic setting. All children enrolled receive a combination of individual and group hours, totaling 30-40 hours a week in our clinic setting over the course of five days per week.

Every child’s journey begins with an assessment and the creation of an individualized therapy plan, incorporating skill building, potty-training, and behavior reduction. Our goal is to help build your child’s skill set and prepare them for the next step in their education and everyday lives.

Insurances and Medicaid accepted.

- Children who are enrolled will receive up to 30 hours per week (5 days a week) of individual services and up to 10 hours of group hours, delivered through ABA therapy in a beautiful classroom setting with one-on-one therapist to child ratios and professional supervision.
-Opportunities for peer social interaction and skill development in a social setting
- General additional enrichment activities such as music, gym, and art are incorporated into daily activities. We follow a school schedule by including circle time, craft, snack, lunch and incorporate the ABA aspect with our 1:1 individual therapy, which is made custom to your child’s needs. Other add-on services available to families include Speech, Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) services and Personal Training. Most services can be covered under a family's insurance.

Our family centered, evidence-based approach is customized to the strengths and needs of each individual child. Your child will develop essential skills including:

  • Functional communication
  • Social skills
  • Positive behavior
  • Self-care
  • School readiness

To learn more about the ABA Day Program at National Therapy Center, email contact@nationaltherapycenter.com Enrollment for Fall 2022 is open and filling quickly, contact us today!